The Mirror of Languages Espejo de Idiomas (MoL EdI) policies are for all different types of enrollments, i.e. summer camp, virtual classes, face to face lessons, and all classes with Mirror of Languages Espejo de Idiomas (MoL EdI).

Be sure to thoroughly review the specific policies for which you are enrolling your child or yourself.

In order to complete your registration/enrollment, you must sign the “I have read the above and agree” page (separate document) and return to us at [email protected]

Tuition & Payment Policy: 

 I hereby agree to pay Mirror of Languages Espejo de Idiomas for services every four classes.  There is a one time registration fee of $20.00  Payment requests will be made in advance and payment is due upon request via Venmo @nkhanroberts, Cash App $nkhanroberts, or Zelle [email protected]

Attendance and Tardiness: 

Mirror of Languages Espejo de Idiomas reserves the right to have students who come late to class, miss the class entirely. Late students will not receive added time at the end of the lesson and no credit will be given for minutes missed for the class. Repeated lateness may result in termination of enrollment. A minimum attendance standard will be required. If a student misses more than 4 classes without written notice, the school reserves the right to terminate enrollment. There will be no refunds. MoL EdI requires 24 hours notice from the parent if a student must reschedule a class and the class must be made up within the same week. 

If the student takes more than 15 minutes to connect, the class will be canceled.  Teacher will take a screenshot that indicates the time and then leave the Zoom. 

In the event that the student has a specific problem with their Internet connection that prevents the class from taking place, they may reschedule it. In the event that the problem persists, the student will have to solve the problem before reserving the next classes.

Missed Classes: 

No credits or refunds will be issued for missed classes and we cannot reschedule group lessons for 1 student only.  You have registered your child for a specific class schedule and our teachers are paid for those classes performed according to the set schedule in advance. 



If you would like to withdraw your student, please give Mirror of Languages Espejo de Idiomas 14 days notice. No refunds will be given if a student is withdrawn and there are classes remaining. The student can complete the classes that remain. At any time a parent leaves MoL EdI without notice and there is an outstanding balance, payment in full is due. If you would like to withdraw your student, please give Mirror of Languages Espejo de Idiomas 2 weeks notice.

Interruption of Classes: Teachers and Parents will adhere to the schedule organized by MoL EdI and parents for the students. For instance, if the teacher has to cancel due events beyond our control, such as power outages, internet outage or severe personal illness, Teacher will provide 24 hours notice and provide options to reschedule within the same week. If the issue is due to a sudden incident beyond the teacher’s control (WiFi outage, power outage) the parent will be notified as soon as possible, and the student will receive credit and the class will be made up. If rescheduling for the same week is not possible, we will reschedule for the next best possible date.

Exclusivity Agreement:

Parent accepts that any and all language and (or) tutoring services may only be provided by or accessed through Mirror of Languages Espejo de Idiomas. Tutors, students and parents agree not to exchange services or materials unless done so explicitly through Mirror of Languages Espejo de Idiomas.


Language acquisition has proven that practice is essential for language learning and retention.  We will give you the materials, and videos for your student to review.  The student will perform stronger if she or he takes the time to review and study.  


Out of respect for our teachers, we please ask that you secure permission before taking photos or video in any form whatsoever. Thank you. 


Respectful and courteous behavior is expected as part of class discipline.  The teacher reserves the right to remove students who display disrespectful behavior, or any behavior that takes away from the learning time. 

  1. Warning 
  2. Second warning and request for parent or guardian to sit next to student
  3. Removal from class

Thank you for reading our policies. Please sign the registration page to confirm acceptance of policies and return to [email protected].  If you have any immediate questions, do not hesitate to contact me via phone at (214) 883-7521.